The Community Reconstruction Plan is taking into consideration the many other studies, plans, and proposals pertaining to Red Hook that have been completed in the past, using this as a foundation to build upon so that we are not starting from scratch. Below are links to various documents that are being taken into consideration.

If you have additional information that is relevant and you would like to submit to be considered, please email and we would be happy to include it.

You can also tell us where you think the greatest needs or most vital assets to the neighborhood are or provide ideas about projects and ways to strengthen our community by contributing to the Red Hook Community Mapping Page.  Just click on a spot on the map and enter what you’d like to say.

NY Rising Process Documents
+ Needs and Opportunities Assessment Report, October 2013
NY Rising: Red Hook Community Mapping Page
Albany Conference report and competition requirements
Community Resiliency Techniques


Brooklyn Community Board 6 Red Hook 197-a Plan

Brooklyn Community Foundation Outcomes Map, Red Hook

Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway CB6, Regional Plan Association

Business group wants Brooklyn Greenway seawall to protect portion of Sunset Park
The Brooklyn Paper

Community Based Disaster Response, De Blasio

Comprehensive Citywide Ferry Study 2011, NYC Economic Development Corporation

Department of Transportation Streetcar Feasibility Study

Distance Matters: What Losing Two Hospitals Would Mean for Brooklyn

Graphic on Hurricane Sandy related regional sewage overflows

A Preservation Plan for Red Hook Plan,
Columbia University

Rebuilding By Design Competition proposals

Red Hook Assets and Risks References

Red Hook Basement Elevations and Sandy Related 311 Complaints

Red Hook Innovations Sessions: Design Proposals and Big Thinking
Monday November 25, 2013 

Red Hook 2013 Summit Goals

Red Hook 2013 Summit Results Wings Narrative

Red Hook Summit Roots and Wings Tally

Red Hook Needs List for NYCHA

Red Hook Storm Preparedness Plan, Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation

Red Hook Sewer and Stormwater Flow Direction Map
created by Josh Eichen, Pratt Graduate student and the RAMP program at Pratt Institute

Red Hook Sewer Infrastructure, Sandy Related 311 Complaints and Storm Surge Map
created by Josh Eichen, Pratt Graduate student and the RAMP program

Red Hook Sewage Infrastructure and Sandy Related 311 Complaints Map
created by Josh Eichen, Pratt Graduate student and the RAMP program

Saving Brooklyn Healthcare, De Blasio

Sea Level Rise Analysis Interactive Map

Social Vulnerabilities in Red Hook,
provided by the Recovery-Adaption-Mitigation-Planning (RAMP), Pratt Institute

Sandy Storm Surge MapSandy Storm Surge Map

The map below shows the boundaries used to define Red Hook for the Community Reconstruction Plan.  These boundaries are based on the Red Hook Census track.
 Red Hook Boundary Map

1983 Flood Map, FEMA1983 Flood Map, FEMA

2013 Preliminary Map FEMA2013 Preliminary Map, FEMA

NYS Risk MapRisk Map, New York State

RH_PublicMeeting1CommentsNeeds & Opportunities,
                                                                           NY Rising Public Meeting Comments

Sandy Inundation MapSandy Inundation Map

RH_Infra&NaturalCultural_PublicMeeting1CommentsRed Hook Infrastructure: Natural & Cultural,
                                                                           NY Rising Public Meeting Comments


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