public meeting 3: 2.22.14 – 2.23.14

Public Meeting 3 – FULL PUBLIC MEETING
February 22nd-23rd
where: Realty Collective, 351 Van Brunt Street
when: Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

+Focus Sessions on Saturday & Sunday

11am – 12pm   Infrastructure & Coastal Resilience
12pm – 1pm   Social Resilience & Economic Development

+Special Event: Red Hook Resiliency Innovations
Saturday, Feb 22, 3-6pm
Guest speakers include: HUD Rebuild by Design, Brooklyn Greenway Initiative + others
*Innovation Session Presentation can be downloaded here.*

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One thought on “public meeting 3: 2.22.14 – 2.23.14

  1. Stephen kondaks says:

    Better late than never, so here goes: at Public Meet 3, Barbara, @ W, presented an option of a deployable surge barrier that has permanent posts that double as lights. This was presented as a system that would be effective around Atlantic Basin, so as to encompass all facilities and buildings on the inland side, leaving nothing outside it. Linking to the higher ground at ‘Coffey Heights’ would remain a challenge, but this system on Port Authority property, may be part of the mix.

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