committee meeting 6: 12.02.13

Committee Meeting 6
December 2nd 6pm – 8pm
where : PS 15

1. Project Update
+ Update since November 4th committee meeting.
+ Upcoming schedule and process

2. Strategies, Projects, Recommendations
Strategies List

3. Planning committee presentation
Infrastructure: Power, Drainage, Coastal Protection and Transportation

+ Full meeting presentation here.

meeting6_12.0213_6 meeting6_12.0213_7 meeting6_12.0213_3 meeting6_12.0213_1

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2 thoughts on “committee meeting 6: 12.02.13

  1. Stephen Kondaks says:

    Best meeting yet. Pippa’s presentation was clear and substantive. Re: drainage and CSS/CSO issues – maintenance, maintenance, maintenance.
    Keep at it, get more residents involved. I don’t think people understand that coastal protection offers resilient housing stock.
    When is the next meting?

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